Behind the Scenes: Upcycled Gallery Nights

ISI associates have collaborated to host 'Upcycled' Showcases of artwork created by artists from ISI's office and manufacturing facilities. Artists have used 'scrap' materials from various areas of ISI production and have created unique pieces of fine art & fine craft.

These art works not only showcase what can be done with 'Upcycled' materials, but they also benefit residents in need, as the pieces were auctioned and proceeds went to the Hunger Task Force.

'Upcycling' takes materials once considered scrap and turns them into valuable media for artwork. Instead of 'recycling' which requires the use of energy and resources to transform a post-industrial waste material into something else, 'upcycling' puts a greater value on leftover items and utilizes them in a more permanent and valued way.

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