Bryan High School

Bryan, TX  

The Long Ship Café integrates school spirit and themed graphics in a mature and collegiate style.  Utilizing the massive walls and tall ceilings, Interior Systems created large-scale, one-of-a-kind art and décor pieces to represent the Viking mascot and important historic culture.  The iconic elements and Nordic-looking symbols are presented throughout the graphics and décor with a modern twist.

The full-height brick walls are counterbalanced through the use of a variety of materials, finishes, and graphics.  The overall space plan is designed to satisfy the heavy traffic flow and provide sufficient aisle space for students to travel through the cafeteria.  Mobile folding tables are placed in central locations for ease of mobility as a multi-purpose room.  Booths and bistro height tables are incorporated to help create zones and provide smaller seating options.

The space is no longer just the “cafeteria”, but a fully developed school environment!  We hope the students, staff, and community in Bryan feel a connection and sense of pride in this refreshed space.


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