Project: La Mesa, CA

With Trek Bikes we have developed an entire store concept that is focused on making their selling process easy and efficient, and bringing strength and consistency to the brand across the country. The design solutions included creating inspiration and education for the first-time customer all the way to the avid racer. Trek has relied on us to walk them through designing the store, including fixtures and graphics, as well as how to put together a turnkey program to rollout to the dealer network. Trek has been glad to have us create materials, develop a prototype store, and give seminars to help them sell-in the design concept across the country to dealers wary to invest. Together, ISI and Trek designed a package of solutions that come together to create a showroom masterpiece. The result is a unique shopping experience and an effective selling environment.

The average bike store is a crowded affair with overwhelming amounts of bikes on the floor, inadequate lighting, poor integration of soft goods and accessories, and randomly placed signage and images cluttering the space.

Trek Bicycle Corporation challenged ISI to design a prototype store that will help differentiate Trek from other bike brands and give independent bike dealers compete with big box retailers. They also challenged us to create a full program that would be turnkey for the dealers to implement without sacrificing any of their unique needs for their unique stores and markets.

Create a streamlined, easy-to-understand store that cashes in on the Trek brand image; promotes the sales of accessories, soft goods, and feature bikes; and keeps customers coming back.

Turning bike shops into bike retailers.

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