5 Tips To Transform Your Space

1 - Use Color!

Color can impact your customers in many ways. A traditional feel can be created using neutrals. For a more elegant appeal, try black and grey tones. Vibrant colors, such as reds and oranges, add energy and appeal to a space. A bold paint color or wallcovering is a simple way to transform a space.

2 - Let There Be Light!

Lighting is key to creating the appropriate atmosphere for your restaurant. Orange and yellow tones can create a welcoming environment. Different levels of lighting create different moods. Lighting can also be used to highlight décor elements and add architectural interest.

3 - It's All In The Details

Boost the personality of your dining area by adding unique features and personal touches. For example, ISI created custom artwork for an owner in Altus, OK, which features images of their grandchildren. Unexpected finishes on walls, tables and floors can also generate interest. Even accent wall tile can make a difference! The small details show how much time when into the design.

4 - Create Comfort

Provide an intimate, inviting environment for customers. Use a variety of seating options to create groupings or seating zones where diners will feel comfortable and relaxed. Most restaurants have zones for each type of customer. Other elements, such as soft lighting and rich colors, can add to the atmosphere.

5 - Incorporate Artwork

Paintings, large format graphics, murals and other art elements will compliment your restaurant's overall design. Visual interest can be enhanced with a few well chosen and properly placed art elements.

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