Boost Your Breakfast Program

Breakfast Delivery Cart

Breakfast Delivery Cart

ISI Boosts Breakfast Programs in Schools with Portable Breakfast Carts

School breakfast participation has increased 42 percent since 2002 with an average of 11.6 million students participating each day, according to the USDA. At the same time, there is $1.48 in unclaimed federal nutritional funding for every child who would have received a free breakfast, but was not served. Interior Systems, Inc., the world-wide trusted leader in interior design, branding, seating and decor for the education industry, is helping to address this growing need with the launch of a new breakfast delivery cart.

Unveiled this week at the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference in Denver, Colorado, the portable breakfast carts help promote higher breakfast participation rates in schools by making breakfast more convenient and accessible to every student. The carts also provide healthier food options such as fresh fruit, milk and yogurt allowing school cafeterias to meet new federal nutritional guidelines and obtain additional incentive funding.

“Many school cafeteria systems are not set up to serve a full, or even à la carte breakfast to their students. If a cafeteria is serving breakfast, most students are too rushed in the morning to sit down for a full meal. These breakfast carts bring healthy and nutritional options to students in the hallways, or even in their classrooms, making breakfast an accessible reality for everyone,” said Paul Gustafson, National Sales Manager for Interior Systems, Inc. “When we piloted these breakfast carts in a few school systems as a test, breakfast participation doubled and the students and cafeteria staff raved about the improved convenience.”

The grab and go breakfast service can be implemented as a portable cart or as a mini kiosk and the exterior can be branded in school colors, with school mascots, or with images of the breakfast food offerings. The cart comes with an elevated serving counter, four-inch lockable, heavy-duty wheels for easy mobility and a durable powder coated push handle.

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