How Out-Of-The-Box Thinking Can Improve Your School Food Service Program

Interior Systems traveled to San Antonio, TX, for the School Nutrition Association’s 70th Annual National Conference (ANC) in July. School nutrition professionals and industry members had the opportunity to visit with us to see our latest products for school dining spaces, common areas, and staff lounges. In addition, dozens of educational sessions were available for attendees to acquire further knowledge in school meal nutrition, implementation and management. One key topic that resonated was how creative and pleasant eating environments can increase profitability, improve experience, and optimize efficiency.

An educational session at the conference acknowledged this matter and discussed the topic of mobile serving. The intent was to educate attendees on ways to select equipment that can be used for multiple services and learn how out-of-the-box solutions can help meet reimbursable meal requirements outside of their main cafeteria. This subject highlights the importance of broadening a school’s meal program by thinking of creative solutions to engage students and increase their participation.

These challenges are faced by schools around the country, though there are solutions available. A Grab & Go Kiosk is designed to provide a portable, quick serving solution allowing versatility in the school’s meal program. Healthy grab-and-go food options provide students the opportunity to have a quick breakfast before class or an alternative serving area reducing their line wait time during lunch. The kiosks can even be branded in school colors, with school mascots, or with images of food offerings. Solutions such as this, and more, help promote higher meal participation rates and deepens the student’s embracement of healthy eating.

School meal programs begin with nutritious food options and are elevated by presenting them to students through creative means. No longer is the cafeteria that resembles a prison block. Gray cinder blocks are being replaced by colorful graphics and vibrant colors. Banquet hall seating is removed, and mobile booths and designer stools are put in its place. And meal access goes beyond the cafeteria by means of mobile serving stations and kiosks. These are the tools to inspire students to want to eat at school. Choosing the healthy menu is half the battle; implementation and participation is the next big step.

If you are looking for ways to breathe new life into your food service program, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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