Mascots: Boost School Spirit

Mascots have been a part of popular culture since the late 1800's.  Thought to bring good luck, mascots are a fun way to represent a group with a common identity, such as a school.  Many schools are now implementing 'mascot art', available from ISI, in their food courts, gymnasiums, hallways, foyers, and more!

ISI's stylish new mascot artwork is available in five colors with a variety of standard mascot icons to choose from, or opt for a custom-designed mascot.

Artwork can serve as a link for communication, whether that involves sparking interest in school activities or eating a nutritious lunch in the Tiger Café.  Mascots can be used to brand a cafeteria, auditorium, gym, classroom or common space to visually reinforce themes throughout the school.

Where will your school display its good luck charm?

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