McDonald's: A Soothing Spot on North Milwaukee Avenue

Chicago, IL - Warm, inviting and beautiful. This is what McDonald's Owner-Operator, Jim Korus, sought to achieve through his store remodel.

In the midst of busy days and hectic lifestyles, Korus' goal was to create a space where customers could step in and take a break, while enjoying beautiful, serene surroundings.

The newly remodeled McDonald's at 4946 N. Milwaukee will feature warm tones and earthy textures. Designer Nicole Harder, of Interior Systems, Inc. (ISI) incorporated a muted color palette that creates a feeling of tranquility. Harder noted, 'The space now has a great sense of symmetry, and is almost spa-like. Fine details, such as beautiful wood vases and grassy elements come together to create a soothing, relaxed atmosphere.'

Customers will be welcomed with a variety of seating options, which now accommodates those stopping in for a meal before their bus arrives, while also providing cozy areas for those who wish to linger. Sleek bar height chairs and tables towards the front of the store provide quick seating for individuals. Custom upholstered booths near the back of the store offer more personal space. Wooden beams have been added throughout the dining area to add a feeling of depth, and divide up the space to create intimate seating areas.

New McCafe beverages are available at the Milwaukee Avenue location, so patrons can stop in for a break or meeting while enjoying a specialty coffee as a 'pick me up'.

The renovations will take place this Summer. The store can be reached directly at (773) 777-2327.

(Images above are 3D renderings by ISI.)

View more restaurant photos here

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