Mini-Makeover at MPS School

One more school cafeteria is now a fun place to be, thanks to Interior Systems, Inc.!

The ISI team was inspired to reach out to the community and give something back.  As a result, they connected with nearby Vieau Elementary School to provide a mini-makeover of their Kindergarten cafeteria.

Vieau is one of the oldest schools in the Milwaukee Public Schools system.  The school serves hundreds of students in only two lunch periods, and their smaller Kindergarten cafeteria (called the 'Nibble Inn') often serves many other purposes.  In order to create a more pleasant experience for the kids, ISI provided a redesign for the small cafeteria space.  The ISI team volunteered for two days to prep, paint, and install artwork and furniture.

The design was inspired by 'Veggie Face' artwork created by ISI artist Diane Murphy.  Institutional light blue walls were covered with warm tones accentuated by bursts of purple, green and orange.   Durable celtec signs replaced old, worn posters and laminated clip art.

We are pleased to have made this connection with a local school, but more importantly we are inspired to see how a small investment of time and energy can make such a difference to the kids in our community.

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