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Swivels: A pivoted support that allows an attached object, such as a chair, to turn on a horizontal plane.

Swivel chairs are an energetic and convenient addition to any space. They offer outstanding service, year after year, with minimal maintenance.

Loose screws and regular care and maintenance on your swivels can mean the difference from tightening a locknut and ordering a brand new chair. A wobbly chair makes it hard to concentrate on a delicious meal so install veteran Dan Klumpyan provided us with some tips and swivel care essentials.

A common misconception when it comes to swivel chairs is that there is a set lifespan to them; however, there are many different circumstances so it’s nearly impossible to give a concrete time frame of when it’s time to replace. A chair that’s located in the favorite window seat, close to the newspaper rack, may need its swivel mechanism replaced in a year. Conversely, you could have a swivel for 10 years in a lower volume store without any issue.

Here are some pretty clear indications that there is a problem with your swivel:

  • Chair does not pivot smoothly when rotating.
  • Chair does not return to center.
  • Chair rocks or tilts on its axis.

Although ISI recommends replacing broken hardware to prevent further damage to your décor, tightening the nut slightly over time to keep the tension between the plates tight will lengthen the life of your chair tremendously.

Have any more questions about your swivel? E-mail cs@isiamerica.com with your name, phone number and national store number (if applicable) and we’ll reach out to you asap!

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