Alan Ramthun

Alan Ramthun

  • Wood Products Associate
  • Some would describe me as a "neat freak."
  • Lambeau Enthusiast.

I'd describe myself as a strategic, multidisciplinary worker with an eye for details and perfection. I've worked for a gamut of companies, and although my skill set is vast, my greatest learning expertise revolves around being organized. As a part of ISI's Wood Products team, I work on booths, chairs and other miscellaneous

projects. I provide knowledge of my craft, leadership and strong attention to detail to the team, all which has all been instilled in me from my years of experience as a supervisor. I find satisfaction in not only getting a job done, but getting it done on time and correct the first time around.

If it wouldn't be for my left side, I'd be alright.

You can really tell a company that cares, compared to a company that doesn't care. I've gotten more from Interior Systems in the first month I was here then I did in my last company where I was at for four years. The team work environment in the shop is unmatched and we are always learning

or teaching. These things keep work challenging, exciting and a just general fun environment to work in. Feeling appreciated is something that I haven't experienced up until being with this company, and I've truly enjoyed my time thus far at ISI.

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