Anne Rhode

Anne Rhode

  • Junior Buyer
  • I love the graffiti on the sides of railroad cars.
  • Can easily be bribed with dark chocolate.
  • Will never be too old to like running outside when the snow is falling.

I originally walked through the front door at Interior Systems in 1989 after seeing an ad in the local paper looking for a Receptionist. After being hired, I discovered that I would be answering a telephone with 15 incoming lines. This was all before the time of voicemail, so there was a lot of paging and message slips passed out. The "youngsters" who read this next sentence will

be quite amazed. I was one of only three or four other people in the office that actually had a computer to work on. It was a small, portable one that used "floppy" disks and the big programs of the day were Lotus 123 and Word Perfect 5.0. After being the Receptionist for about three years, there was an opening in the Purchasing Department which interested me.

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much.
-Mother Teresa

I did not have a Purchasing background, but I had been part of the support staff for Purchasing, so it was a logical move. Over the years I have learned many things related to my job, and everyday there is something I didn't know the day before.

Boring and routine are not words used here. Can fun and hard work be used in the same sentence as a description of work life here? I think they can.

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Anne Rhode

I was born on a November day in Omaha, NE during a time when my father was attending dental school at Creighton University. Once he graduated, we moved to a town along the Wisconsin River in the western part of the state. We moved again and ended up in a small town of 800 people in east central Wisconsin.

Now travel back to a time when kids left their bicycles laying in the front yard overnight and woke up to find them still there, when people left their houses unlocked just so someone could come in when they needed help. This was a time of leaving the house in the morning and not coming back until supper time, playing games like kickball and baseball, riding bikes and playing "kick the can" at night. This was also a time of big families, and after twelve years of my parents marriage, I had the distinction of being the oldest of eight children - four girls and four boys.

After high school I almost furthered my education by being accepted at a private girls' college in Dubuque, IA, only to skip out and marry a pig farmer that I had known for only three months. This year we will be celebrating 36 years of marriage that resulted in two sons and one daughter. Our oldest son and our daughter live locally and have blessed us with five grandchildren. Our youngest son is serving this great country of ours in the US Navy and has just returned back from a six month stay with the Marines in Afghanistan. He is now stationed in Jacksonville, NC at Camp Lejuene.

These days there just doesn't seem to be enough time to fit in all my projects and likes - running, calligraphy, making quilts, gardening, reading, cooking, baking, and watching the History Channel. There are endless possibilities and choices.

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