Blaise Guell

Blaise Guell

  • Decor Associate
  • I like country music.
  • I'm not too shy to sing karaoke.
  • Rarely do I turn down a bet; I've always been a daredevil.

Since coming on board with ISI in 2010, I've had the opportunity to work on some pretty cool projects and have met a lot of great people.

I graduated from St Mary Springs High School in Fond du Lac. I continued on to working as a manager at Wal-Mart and then eventually got into carpentry. I became a head foreman where I managed an array of crews. I handled

sites for high end condos and worked on big projects such as the Parade of Homes. I did that for about five years, and when things started to get slow I started looking for work. I found my way to Interior Systems Inc.

In my position in the Décor Department I work on anything from building timber screens, decorative walls and different types of tables. I like working on

Lived and learned real life stuff, it's everything we're made of.
-Jason Aldean

such a wide variety of projects and have a great team I work with. The payoff to all of our hard work is definitely the finished product. It might go out the door and I will never see it again, but the work I do here will be seen my thousands of people. That's a really satisfying feeling.

One of my most memorable experiences was working on the booth in Orlando, Florida at the McDonald's Convention that got a lot of attention. It was a lot of long hard days of work, but when we were ahead of schedule we spent the day at the beach.

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Blaise Guell

I like playing softball and hanging out with friends. I also like hunting and fishing. In the summer, I love riding my motorcycle any chance I get. I enjoy country music too. One of my favorite concerts I've ever been to is when some friends and I went to see Kenny Chesney and co-headliner Zac Brown Band when they played a day-long event concert at Lambeau Field.

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