Brett Mentink

Brett Mentink

  • Project Manager
  • I'm set on retiring to a golf course someday.
  • Mom put me in gymnastics when I was little and at one point in my young life, I was able to do the splits.
  • I've been to almost every single state in the US.

I came to ISI right when I was graduating high school. That was 11 years ago. At first, I worked 3rd shift, and have since kind of bounced back between first and third shift throughout my time here. I spent a few years in Décor, but mostly have worked in Cabinetry, where I eventually took the level

four Cabinetry position and work right under Wally. When I first started here, I was t-edging tables, which is extremely boring, but obviously there are machines that do that now. I worked my way into working with Harley and then Kohler, and right now my responsibilities consist of basically assisting Wally,

A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the pick is going to be. -Wayne Gretzky

helping the guys get things done, ordering materials, coordinating jobs and making sure our products are being produced on schedule. I don't mind the work, I like working with my hands. It's easy to come to

work when you enjoy what you're doing. All the shop guys have this team like mentality at work. It's really energizing to be around that kind of attitude, and I'm proud to be a part of this team.

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Brett Mentink

I was born in Madison, lived in McFarland, but moved up to Fond du Lac when I was about nine years old with my family. It was a little bit of a culture shock to move from somewhere like Madison to Fond du Lac.

I like to say that Fondy is the smallest big town you'll ever experience, but I am thankful for the move because of all that it has brought me. I now reside a little outside the city itself in the country I suppose you could call it.

Outside of work I'm a family guy. My priority is taking care of my wife and two kids and making sure they have everything they want and need. I am a proud father to a little four year old girl and my son, who turned one in April and is a definite trouble maker. Other than family, I like to be outside, play a lot of softball, and I golf when I have time.

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