Colleen Sekas

Colleen Sekas

  • Interior Designer
  • - I am an only child, but don't act like one
  • - I couldn't live without beer & cheese (typical Wisconsin girl)
  • - Can quote every line in the movie Top Gun
  • - While watching movies I have a compulsion to use the IMDb app. on my phone to find out all the goofs, fun facts, and lists of actors

I feel very fortunate to be a part of the design world, and privy to the ever-changing design trends and innovations happening around the world. I have always wanted to be a designer. Since I was young, I had an interest in architecture and the concept of space around me. I began my journey with ISI in April of 2014 as a designer apart of the retail design team. I enjoy working on company branding elements and various stages of concept development for our wonderful clients. It is amazing to work with a client and assist them in making

their brand identity stronger. By using a company's core values, goals for distinctiveness and vision, I get to be a part of the amazing transformation that creates a cohesive design that can solidify their brand. I earned by BFA in Interior Architecture + Design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2012. I was privileged enough to study abroad for a few weeks in Paris, France. The historical significance, iconic architecture, and breathtaking art inspired me and gave me new appreciation for the fine craftsmanship and intricate

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." Ralph Waldo Emerson

details of design and architecture. Having a keen eye for details carries into my career and enables me to look at things differently as a designer. Previously working as a residential designer, I worked with clients on a very individualized basis, often times in their homes. I enjoy the interpersonal aspect of working with a client and enjoy the opportunity to listen and interpret their goals and visions. Making this world a better and aesthetically pleasing place is something I strive for in my career and as a person.

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Colleen Sekas

Born and raised a Wisconsin girl, I grew up in the small, historic town of Cedarburg about 20 minutes North of Milwaukee. Holding true to good old-fashioned Midwestern style, I love the outdoors, beer, and of course, the Green Bay Packers. I am drawn to the water and enjoy swimming, boating, and relaxing by my family's lake--or any body of water for that matter. Living in a state where winter takes up almost 3 seasons, I find it very important to enjoy the great outdoors while I can! I am very close with my family and enjoy spending time with them. As an only child, my mom and I have a very close bond. Sometimes we talk in our own language it seems!

Even though I like living close to home, the travel bug has also recently bitten me. Visiting out-of-state friends and family is usually a bi-yearly occurrence, but I hope to start planning bigger trips soon. Europe, Australia, and Alaska are all on my bucket list. I am a hard worker, and love working as an interior designer. As a child, I used to re-arrange my bedroom before I was barely able to move the furniture. I am a firm believer in the phrase "work hard, play harder" and strive for the balance to do both, because isn't that what life is all about?

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