Dennis Birschbach

Dennis Birschbach

  • Finishing Supervisor
  • Everyone calls me Denny.
  • I won't eat a peach unless it's pealed.
  • I worked on the very first Ronald McDonald here at ISI, and worked all the way through the very last one we ever made.

December of 1984 is when I first became a part of the ISI family. I started in Wood Products, but my journey here has taken me through the Fiberglass Department, Exterior Products and finally now to the Finishing Department where I am the Finishing Lead. I was around when we worked with the Ronald

McDonald statues. It's probably my most memorable job I've ever worked on here. They were tedious, but I guess a little part of me kind of misses seeing him around the shop. I'd say pictures are a good enough memory for me to remember them by.

Git 'r done.

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Dennis Birschbach

I grew up on a dairy farm in the area, but when I turned 18, I came right to work here. Outside of work, I like to fish, and I stay active walking and biking in the area. I like all kinds of fishing, but I think ice fishing is a little crazy. That's about the only kind of fishing I won't do, otherwise fishing is my escape from the world and what I do to relax.

I have two kids and a stepdaughter. As a family, we like to take trips together. My favorite vacation we've ever taken together was to Sanabel Island in Florida.

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