Dennis Erickson

Dennis Erickson

  • Shipping Associate
  • Proud father to a US soldier; my youngest daughter is currently deployed to Afghanistan.
  • I'm an expert woodworker. I can build just about anything from wood.
  • ...just don't ask me about mechanics.

I moved to Wisconsin in 1972 and worked for Kohler for 12 years. Then I went back to Minnesota in 1984 to help out on our farm and ended up owning an apple orchard for a while as well as getting into laying underground telephone cable and construction. My best friend worked in Mequon, Wisconsin at Fabrico, and in 1993 he was in dire need of help at his company.

So one day I thought why not, so I picked up and moved there to help him. I started in the punch press, moved up to lead operator and ended up running the whole plant during second shift. My wife and I decided to sell our house in Random Lake, Wisconsin, so we picked up and moved to the Fond du Lac area. After the transition, I was searching for jobs in

There is no substitute for hard work. -Thomas Edison

the area. I applied to ISI on a Wednesday, and they wanted me to start the next Monday. I now work as the Warehouse Manager where I am responsible for keeping everything organized. I enjoy my position and like to think I run a tight ship. I am a stickler when it comes to things being organized.

I grew up on a farm in Minnesota, where working hard, was the only way to work. You come to work, work hard, get what you need to get done, and maybe have a bit of fun along the way. A strong work ethic is all I've ever known, and it's something I still have even at 59 years of age.

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Dennis Erickson

My wife and I have four children, and currently three grandchildren. Three of them are spread out throughout the Midwest, and my youngest daughter is a soldier in the US Army. I like to relax on my deck at home and look over the small lake that's behind my house. My wife and I like doing fun things together like jigsaw and crossword puzzles.

I enjoy fishing, and playing cards; Sheepshead is my absolute favorite card game to play. Even though I am a terrible golfer, I still enjoy playing when I can. I love woodworking, and that's what I plan on doing when I retire. It's not only a hobby to me; it's really a passion of mine. Anything I've ever done in any of my houses, I've built completely myself.

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