Ericka Joseph

Ericka Joseph

  • Operations Administrative Assistant
  • NBA fan.
  • Completely addicted to the Investigative Discovery channel.
  • Failed attempting to hide my first tattoo from my parents when I was 15.

I have many clerical duties as the Administrative Assistant to Operations. Two of my main responsibilities are answering the main phone line, two days a week, and handling our customers' plans and cleaning instructions once a project has been completed. Having various clerical positions

throughout my career has given me the advantage to be the best Interior Systems' associate I can be. Being one year away from obtaining my college degree has been a journey in itself; I am currently working hard towards my Business Management degree, and anxious awaiting graduation.

The real issue is not whether to grow, it is how to grow and for what purpose.

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Ericka Joseph

My nickname is Rickee. My youngest aunt is three years older than I am, and was unable to pronounce my name when she was younger. Somehow she got Rickee out of Ericka, so the name just stuck. My greatest accomplishments are my two children and I consider them both miracles. The newest addition to my family is my puppy Clybourn, and I'm absolutely crazy in love with her.

I was born and raised in Pasadena, California, but I arrived in Wisconsin in 1992 after my grandmother became ill. My close family ties have keep me here since that time. I enjoy watching the Investigative Discovery Channel and am convinced that I was a Forensic Scientist in my former life.

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