Jeff Doro

Jeff Doro

  • Fiberglass Supervisor
  • Played the trumpet growing up.
  • Once headlined the Brat Days festival in Sheboygan with my band.
  • Our hobby farm is home to 30-40 chickens, Nigerian goats, a pot belly pig, and a mini horse.

Prior to becoming a part of the dynamic ISI team, my background consists of everything from working construction, to working with industrial coatings and everywhere in between. I also spent many years working for two different fiberglass companies, where I worked running production, reading blueprints, constructing plugs, and

eventually being more of a trainer for the new employees. Somewhere in there I spent seven years following my dream, playing full-time on the road with my band as a professional musician. When I found ISI, I started working production in the Fiberglass department because that was my knowledge. I spent a few years in Upholstery and

Dirft. (Do it right the first time)

Décor before being asked to run the Fiberglass shop, and have now been the supervisor for 12 years. The assortment of knowledge I've gained through my different work experiences has made my skill set versatile. Those skills definitely didn't come without being hands on and working hard every

step of the way. Now as the Fiberglass supervisor, I try to instill that attitude and work ethic within my department. At ISI, the camaraderie and management is truly stand out. That, along with admittedly enjoying what I do, is what's kept me here for 22 years.

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Jeff Doro

My life revolves around music and family. I was born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin but now reside right outside of Omro with my wife of 24 years and our wonderful kids. My wife and I spent eight years as loving foster parents where we were able to help, love, and care for about 20 different children throughout that time.

Our experience as foster parents was challenging, exciting, and rewarding all at the same time. It taught us important lessons about faith and love and just life in general. We are proud parents of our three adopted and three biological children and I absolutely adore my family of eight. My wife and I also really enjoy doing home renovations and projects whenever we can.

Music has always been a big part of my life and it remains that way today. I enjoy singing in the church choir just as much as blasting any 80's rock music with power vocals. I've played in a few bands throughout my life and am still playing in one today. I'm the drummer in a band called Bacchus Lotus, and we have gigs a few times a month. Some of my favorite musicians are the legendary drummer Steve Smith, who's the drummer in Journey, and the band Chicago.

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