Jeff Kahlow

Jeff Kahlow

  • Upholstery Associate
  • Four out of my six family members are in the Green Bay Packers' Hall of Fame.
  • Flew out to Hollywood and became business partners with billionaires Mark Cuban and Daymond John on a national show called Shark Tank.
  • Was nominated by ESPN as "Wisconsin's Ultimate Packers Fan"

After graduating from Goodrich in 1979, I took a two year art course out of Minneapolis. Shortly after, I was running my own taxidermy studio while holding down a full time job working for the county parks. In 1981 I accepted a job offer at a company

called Interior Systems, the rest is history. 1981, wow, how the years go by. It was April 13th, 1981 and it was my first day of employment with Interior Systems. Though my current position is Upholstery Fabrication, I've been cross-trained

If you love your job, you'll never work another day in your life.

in many departments through the years including Decor, Finishing, Fiberglass, Wood Products, Office and Art department just to name a few. In my

early years, complete restaurant installs were common. "Build it, package it, load it, drive it, and install it." Those were the good old days!

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Jeff Kahlow

Born in Beaver Dam Wisconsin in 1960, I grew up in Mayville Wisconsin until the age of nine. In1969, my father accepted a job offer at Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac. My parents loaded up the family, which consisted of my mother, younger brother and older sister, and moved us to Fond du Lac.

I married in 1995 to a beautiful blond bombshell, Sandy, and we raised four great children. They all attend private schools in the Fond du Lac area. We have a secluded country style home/hobby farm just on the edge of the city, which holds over 80 animals and exotic birds. My wife is a daycare teacher and loves her work. We are avid Packer fans and also enjoy hiking, camping, fishing and hunting.

After my 17th year of employment with ISI, I was getting itchy to do something for myself on the creative side. Lindsey and Mark Huck allowed me to reduce my hours to develop a novelty headwear company called "BIG GUY HATS." For the past 15 years, I've created over 3,000 patterns and carved over 16,000 hats. Many of my clientele are sports figures, musicians and celebrity's from around the country.

You can check it out at if you're curious!

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