Jeff Kutz

Jeff Kutz

  • Upholstery Associate
  • My high school nick name was Cooter. (From Dukes of Hazard)
  • I'm a big fan of Larry the Cable guy.
  • Woodworking is a side hobby of mine, and I have made hundreds of tables and chairs and other side projects in my spare time.

Before applying at ISI, I had been working in a foundry where we also worked for McDonald's. We would work on more of the heating elements such as parts for the grills and the deep fryers. I work doing assembly of our different

products in the Upholstery Department. I like my job; it's totally different then what I have done in the past, so I find it very interesting. It is also a learning experience for me each day. I grew up on a farm working with

Do it right the first time.

my hands, so I am accustomed to this kind of hands on work. When I work on a piece, I always have the customer in mind, I like knowing that

the things we are working on are essential in a company's look and experience it provides to its customers. It is a feeling of satisfaction and pride.

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Jeff Kutz

I was born and raised in Dundee, Wisconsin. I actually still call it home today, so I can truly say I've been there all my life. My wife and I bought 35 acres of my grandparents' farm, so we still are out there with my whole family, who also own their own farms and part of my grandparents' land as well. I get to see them a lot; we're a pretty close family. We like to celebrate birthdays, holidays and get together as much as we can. Road trips as a family have also become a favorite pastime.

We have a cabin up north where I like to hunt and fish. My wife and I also enjoy doing crafts together. We have started to really being involved in craft shows where we can sell our pieces. We have a son, and a daughter and one grandson. We love being grandparents, and wish we got to see our little one more. Our son is in the Navy, and our daughter is in college at Marquette University. We are very proud of our kids, and excited for their very bright futures.

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