Jeff Sippel

Jeff Sippel

  • Cabinetry Associate
  • Allergic to technology.
  • Won't wear sunscreen.
  • I've been called a human garbage compactor; I'll eat anything.

As a long time employee in Cabinetry, I mostly build cabinets, tables and countertops, both solid surface and laminate, and help out in other departments. I am a certified Corian Fabricator. Being with the company for 27 years has given me the skills necessary to work where needed. I started

working here, in 1985, only because I needed a job. I remember it like it was yesterday. I started on a project for Rocky Rococo's Pizza, and lone and behold, I got laid off a week later. Great. I stuck out over four total layoffs that first year. Through the changes in the company my dedication

Even when I'm old and grey, I won't be able to play it, but I'll still love the game. -Michael Jordan

has never faltered and I sign up for more overtime than I probably should, given my age and physical health. I have volunteered in Fiberglass, Décor, and other departments. I even do the yard work. I pretty much should run the company by now, but Lindsey says he really

needs me in the Corian department, so I agreed! I would have been a professional golfer, but I suck at it, so there I was, at the second best job in the world. What I thought would be just a job turned out to be the career of my life!

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Jeff Sippel

It was a crisp morning back in 1957, on October 25, when the infamous, or shall we say FAMOUS "Sipps" was born. I was one of seven children, to be more specific, five loud and 'naggy' girls and my brother Elmer, and no, he does not own a glue company. My wonderful parents Juliet and Eugene did the best they could with what they had to raise us. Working two jobs, my dad taught me the work ethic that I display each day here at Interior Systems. He worked long hours at Mercury and also bartended part time. They were the most loving parents any kid could ask for. We lost them some time ago and although it was tough for my family, we work hard to stick together and keep their memory alive.

I have two wonderful daughters. Jamie, the older one, lives in Milwaukee. She recently gave me my second grandchild, Natalie. Jamie is very smart, but I unfortunately don't see her as often as I would like. My younger daughter, Candice, lives down the road from me, and sometimes I think it might be a little too close. (Until Sunday mornings during Fantasy Football Season when I need to set my team because I don't have internet.) Candice recently married my favorite son-in-law, Casey. She also has a daughter, Cambri, who is 11 years old, and I adore her. They are expecting their first baby together in November and I am excited for the possibility of a grandson. Like I said before, enough loud and 'naggy' girls, but I will be happy with a healthy baby nonetheless.

I don't have any pets, so Candice and Casey graciously let me come over and walk their dog, Fudge. I play with the Fudge, give treats and ice cubes to Fudge and share my inner most thoughts with Fudge. Ok, maybe I need my own dog.

I'll be honest in saying I don't have a lot of hobbies or favorite things. But if there is one thing that keeps me up all night with excitement, it's camping. I love camping because it keeps my family together and let's be honest, who doesn't love a cool beverage, food over the fire, and the sound of crackling logs in a campfire. I have a pop-up that I'm rather proud of, but it seems to me like my family is getting too big for it and soon they will try and con me into getting a bigger one. Whether it's private camping, or state parks, I will go anywhere the Palomino takes me. Other than camping, I love sports. I love to watch ESPN, especially on my new 55" 3-D television! I recently returned to golfing with my son-in-law. That kid keeps me young. I play basketball on Friday nights in the fall with a group of guys. I'm usually the oldest one, and I'm not the fastest, but hey Jordan had bad years too!

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