Jill Neumann

Jill Neumann

  • Customer Service
  • I'm afraid of heights.
  • I love the smell of puppy breath.
  • Have been canning fruits and veggies for 33 years.

I graduated from Neenah High School in Neenah, Wisconsin. I went straight into the working world. I am a Customer Service Representative at Interior Systems and have been for the past three years. I came to Interior Systems Inc. with 25 years prior experience in the manufacturing

world. I have worked as a Customer Service Representative for several of those years and worked directly in production for a portion as well. My job here at ISI is to assist my customers when they have something that has been broken or has just worn out and needs replacing.

If you love life, life will love you back. -Arthur Rubinstein

I have learned so much in my short time here at ISI. Every day we are learning more. It is a joy to work with

so many wonderful people with so much knowledge. It makes my job that much easier.

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Jill Neumann

I have a love for the outdoors. Therefore, camping and working in the garden are very high on my list of things I love to do. Since my girls (I have two adults now and two grandchildren, one girl and one boy) have moved out on their own, my husband Dave and I are taking trips and going places with our 5th wheel camper. We both love to travel to see beautiful scenery and hiking. Our favorites so far have been Glacier National forest and Rocky Mountain National Forest, both a must see.

We own a boat, and my husband and I both like to fish. I am more of a fair weather fisherman, but my husband likes to go no matter what the weather is. I get seasick if the water is wavy, so I need to go fishing when it is calm.

We have land that we bought from my husband's father when he sold his dairy farm, and it has become our little getaway place. We have built a deck to pull the 5th wheel camper up to and have a large fire pit.

We plant trees out there every spring and spend the summer caging and watering them, just to do it all again next year. This is very challenging and rewarding. The deer and other animals can sometimes make it even a larger challenge.

I love to can fruits and vegetables in the fall. I learned how to can from my mother-in-law and have done this for 33 years. I will do this until I am not able too. This is my therapy for stress and it works.

We have also rescued a German Wire haired dog. She was one year old when we got her, and we have had her for three years. She has turned out to be the best dog we have ever had. I will do this again when looking for a dog. She is wonderful with the grandchildren and has helped me to get out and walking on a regular basis.

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