Judith Strutz

Judith Strutz

  • Production Art Associate
  • Once road tripped to the Grand Canyon.
  • When I was a teenager, I was struck by lightning.
  • I love the movie Groundhogs Day.

After getting my associates degree in Marketing I worked at a department store for five years where I managed the women's clothing department. I left to raise my two beautiful daughters, but once they were in school I started working part time at a fabric store. After a while I was hired on full time

doing framing. I also had the chance to take some art classes and also teach many craft classes at that store. I went from there to here, and have spent the last 17 years in the Art Department at ISI. In the Art Department I work on a variety of projects. I was hired to do framing but I also do a lot in the graphics area.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit and wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
-Miles Kington

I do everything from laying graphics to coloring black and white photos, to creating paper art, filling memorabilia cases and working on die cuts. I try to bring a smile everyday to work a long with a good attitude. It's easy to be happy when you doing what you love for work.

I really enjoy the variety of things I get to work on in my department, it's never repetitious. I've had the opportunity to travel a bit for work as well. One of my favorite trips I've ever taken with ISI is when we visited the art expo in New York City.

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Judith Strutz

I'm from New Holstein, WI but when I got married I moved to Fond du Lac. Eventually, when our two daughters grew up, we moved to Green Lake because we always talked about living near the water.

We try and see our two wonderful daughters, and two grandchildren, as much as possible. One of our children is a Math Teacher in Baraboo. The other is a CPA in Milwaukee. They both live in opposite directions, but because we're close to the water we all love getting together to do as much boating as we can during the warm months.

My personal hobbies include; gardening, biking, and hiking. My husband and I also love road trips and have visited many beautiful destinations.

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