Kyle Armstrong

Kyle Armstrong

  • Shipping Associate
  • I hate the song 'Kumbaya.'
  • Love cooking. Hate baking.
  • I hope to camp at Yosemite someday.

I went to WCTC in hopes of being a chef, which is what ended up bringing me to Usingers Sausage Company in Milwaukee. I spent two years working for them, as well as a previous five years with another shipping company

before finding myself in my current position which is Shipping Associate here at Interior Systems. In the Shipping Department, I'm responsible for taking care of the final finished product. We're the "last stop" before our product

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe. -Thomas Keller

reaches the consumers; it is an extremely important step and a big responsibility. Our whole department takes

great pride in that accountability, and we are all detailed oriented and challenged to problem solve on a daily basis.

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Kyle Armstrong

My family all resides in Milwaukee, but I moved to Fond du Lac when I got the job at ISI. I travel back to Milwaukee almost once a week to visit my family, but I like the area up here as well. There are some pretty good car shows and camping sites around here, so I enjoy doing those two things when I have time.

I love to cook. My favorite things to cook are anything with chicken, and I have to admit, I make a pretty delicious pulled pork. I like cooking for family and friends if I have time, but really enjoy experimenting with different dishes and learning new recipes when I'm cooking for just one-myself!

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