Linda Scannell

Linda Scannell

  • Finishing Associate
  • My favorite season is Strawberry picking season!
  • I come from a family of 12.
  • I grew up on the tractor, and still love riding today.

It's going to be 16 years this year that I have been with the Finishing Department at Interior Systems Inc. Way back when we used to work on all of the statues and character chairs. I used to paint Ronald McDonalds face on him (which was the most tedious but most

memorable thing I've gotten the opportunity to work on here.) It's obviously transitioned over the years, and now we do more staining and things like that. I grew up on a farm, where you knew you had to work hard and get your work done. When it was done,

Having a place to go - is a home. Having someone to love - is a family. Having both - is a blessing.
-Donna Hedges

you got to go home. I try to bring that same mentality that I was raised with to work with me every day. There are a multitude of reasons that have kept me around for as many years as I've been here, but what I like best is that we're not always doing

the same thing all the time. We might have a few weeks where we are working on one big project but then the next day you could be doing something completely different. The versatility keeps it exciting.

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Linda Scannell

I grew up on a farm in St. Peter, so I suppose it was fate that I ended up marrying a farmer! We now have got a farm in Eden, where we raise steer and grow crops. We are blessed with seven kids, and we adore all of our grandkids. I like to say that the grandkids come first, and the farm work comes second.

In my free time I also love to pick strawberries. I like to spend two to three hours in the fields searching for the perfect strawberries to bring home and share with my family. I'd say I average between four and five hundred pounds a season and the most I've picked at a time was about 10 boxes. I'm an avid gardener and still enjoy driving tractor. I also like to read, if I have the time.

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