Marcus Ruckman

Marcus Ruckman

  • Decor Associate

If you adapt, you can defeat anything and/or anyone.- Unknown

I am an experienced tradesman with skills ranging from carpentry to welding and painting to laminate. I am a Décor Associate with ISI. I love my job and like the other associates I work with even more. I look forward to many more successful years with ISI and growing in my role.

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Marcus Ruckman

I have lived in WI since 2006. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.

I am a very proud husband and father of twin boys (5 years old), a daughter (2 years old), and a son (4 months). My children are my inspiration and my family is my world!

In my free time, I run a traveling softball team. In high school, I participated in the national wrestling competitions.

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