Maryalee Wendt

Maryalee Wendt

  • BOM/Routing Engineer
  • I'm shy and unassuming, but hide it well.
  • Considered the story teller of the family.
  • Friendship is very important to me.

My college days were spent in Chicago, attending DeVry Institute of Technology, where I earned a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. While attending college, I worked part time in the Premium Income department of a large insurance company.

This is where I learned very quickly to spot discrepancies, analyze data, and implement solutions.I was hired on as the Software Engineer for G&L right after graduation. Through the years I've held many positions with increasing responsibility. What I brought away from

If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman. -Margaret Thatcher.

these experiences was a working knowledge of electrical, software, mechanical, manufacturing, and industrial engineering. IT, project management, operations, purchasing, sales, production, and process flow were also areas where I was able

to gain experience.I'm a new-comer to ISI. I work in the Engineering department as a BOM / Routing Engineer. I'm looking forward to adding to, and being a part of the success of ISI.

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Maryalee Wendt

My early years were spent on my dad and mom's pig farm with my four brothers and five sisters. I was number two out of 10, so I was the first to go to college and move away from home. Heading to Chicago from the farm was quite a culture shock, and I met all different types of people.

The Fond du Lac area has been my home since college. I married my husband, Ken, in 1999; and we have several show cars and frequently go to car shows. We have about five acres between Oshkosh and Fond du Lac.

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