Michael Wiese

Michael Wiese

  • Wood Products Associate
  • I'm absolutely addicted to YouTube how-to videos; you can learn how to do pretty much anything on there!
  • I'm growing so many things in my garden I can barely keep track.
  • I love fresh strawberries from my garden.

I work in Assembly, which is essentially the Wood Products Department with a wall in between that separates us. I've been here just over two years. Before ISI, I had put in many years in the construction and installation industries. Specifically I've worked

on mobile homes for 10 plus years before the industry slowed down. Since working with wood and hand tools and table saws pretty much my whole life, I knew this job would be a perfect fit for me. My daily responsibilities here vary constantly, but I mainly

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work on assembling booths and chairs. I work a lot of hours along with everyone else here, but the flexibility provided by the supervisors has stood out to me throughout my time here. I also enjoy being

able to work close to home. The best part of my job is going to a restaurant and sitting in a booth that I made. It's a really cool feeling of pride and accomplishment.

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Michael Wiese

I was born and raised in Fond du Lac. Outside of work I'm a single father of two; I have a six and an eight year old. They come from a long line of softball and baseball players, their uncle, grandpa and I all grew up playing and still love to watch and play the sport. They have definitely inherited that passion. They are both playing this year so that is keeping me really busy. I love to go their games and tournaments.

Besides those things, I'm an avid fisher and gardener. In the last few years, I have fallen in love with gardening. Tasting something that you grew in your garden is a little bit of a pride thing, but fresh veggies are just so much better than anything you could ever buy in a store. That's really my favorite part about gardening.

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