Michelle Kasper

Michelle Kasper

  • Graphic Artist
  • I have an Elvis tattoo.
  • My hair color changes every 45 days or so.
  • I wear at least two Halloween costumes a year.

I hold a Bachelor of Fines Arts degree from UM-Milwaukee and have been with ISI since October 2005. I started as the Milwaukee office Resource Librarian where I took care of product organization, sample ordering and creating colorboard presentations. I evolved into the Creative Resource Associate where I continued the previously mentioned duties and

worked more directly with Designers, Project Managers, and Customer Service Reps on a larger scale. From finish selections to renderings, product research to project leading, and more! Slowly I started assisting the art team for our Education Department. After 9.5 years of wearing many hats I have officially moved over to the Graphics team.

Do I want to be feared or loved? Um... easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. -Michael Scott

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Michelle Kasper

I'm a born and bred Milwaukee Eastsider. I went to Riverside High School and UW-Milwaukee and have only worked downtown, which means I have worked and played in a four-mile diameter my entire life. Though I haven't been around much I know the suburbs are not for me - I crave crowds and traffic jams: the whole "hustle and bustle".

Life is about laughing and my sense of humor is three feet in front of me at any time, often doused in sarcasm and sass. It keeps work fun!

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