Michelle Tazelaar

Michelle Tazelaar

  • Shipping Associate
  • -I have 14 tattoos
  • -I haven't had a drink in 26 years
  • -I was a member of the 2013 State BCA Pool Champions

One of my first jobs was working at a small photography store. This was the beginning of my 10 years in retail experience. I loved being able to help a wide range of individuals; from grandmothers to desperate husbands looking for Christmas

presents on Christmas Eve! After retail I moved on to shipping and receiving and have never left! I really enjoy working for ISI because of the people, policies and benefits. I look forward to a long career with a great team.

"There's always time to dance."-Unknown

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Michelle Tazelaar

I am Navy brat until I was 12 years old. I lived in Tampa, FL; Newport RI; and San Diego, CA. Because of this I am privileged to say that I have swam in both the pacific and the Atlantic oceans! I have one son who will be 25 and two dogs. One Rottweiler and a beagle. I've lived in Waupun since I was in 8th grade until 2012 when I bought a house and moved to Fond du Lac.

In 2008, my brother gifted me a trip to Rome, Italy for 10 days! It was the best trip of my life. I have a 5 year plan of going back to visit. One of my hobbies is shooting pool and play on a team for the Press Box. I really care about my friends and family know that they can always depend on me to give them a safe ride home.

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