Mike Woicek

Mike Woicek

  • Seating/Upholstery Supervisor
  • Would love to travel to Alaska.
  • I'm the youngest in my family.
  • Self taught log furniture craftsman.

Before ISI, I worked as a Stock Associate, Gas Station Attendant and was a Culligan man. I started working at ISI on September 8th, 1983 in the Seating Department. After a couple of years, I became the supervisor of the department and am still in that same position today. I also worked as the Upholstery Department Supervisor for a couple

of years. Sharing what I have learned over the years with co-workers and watching them grow within the company is what I enjoy most about my job. There are currently three other supervisors that started working in my department. I like to think that I had something to do with their continued growth here.

First figure out how to do it right, then figure out how to do it fast.

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Mike Woicek

I was born and raised in Fond du Lac and graduated from St. Mary Springs High School in 1982. I have one brother and one sister who I try to see when I can. Outside of work I enjoy working on my house and in my yard, but I like to spend most weekends at my cabin up north.

My hobbies include everything from snowmobiling to building log furniture to just playing in the yard with my dog, Lucy.

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