Nathan Priebe

Nathan Priebe

  • Decor Associate
  • I may be the only person in this state who hates cheese.
  • I loved lizards, and when I was little, I used to have a bunch of them as pets.
  • Every winter I ask myself "Why do I live in Wisconsin?" I despise the snow.

Not only has my career at ISI been challenging in the creative and craftsmanship sense, it has also given me a sense of pride and belonging. I take great pride in my work. I enjoy

being around the people that I work with, and I try to be inventive every day at work. I've always worked with Wood Products, ever since I was little. I was self-employed

Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.
-John Ed Pearce

for many years in the field after high school. When I decided to move on from something other than self-employment, I came to ISI.

That was in September of 2000. There really isn't any other company like Interior Systems out there.

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Nathan Priebe

I spend most of my time outside of work with my kids. I love to fish with my boys, and they absolutely love it. I was born and raised in Fond du Lac. I'm surprised I'm still around here because I always saw myself living down south. You can't beat home, so that's what has kept me around the area.

I like guns and find that setting up targets and going to gun ranges is a great stress reliever for me. I also love everything nature and outdoors, but I cannot stand the snow!

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