Nikki Ojer

Nikki Ojer

  • Creative Director
  • Survived a tornado.
  • My dog's name is India.
  • I love cooking breakfast.

My professional goal is to thoughtfully evoke, entice, and excite others; to listen to the client and design around their goal, and to also go above and beyond their expectations. Newly joining ISI as an Interior Designer, I'm focused within the QSR department loving my new set of challenges and the wonderful team I work with.

Before ISI, I worked for six years at a local architectural firm. I worked with their

marketing department and also as a Graphic and Interior Designer. The main focus was student unions and mixed-use developments. One of the last projects I worked on there was Union South at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I earned my BFA at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, where I majored in Interior Architecture and Design. As an interior designer, I have developed a passion

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
-Winston Churchill

for creative problem solving and conceptual designing. I'm highly inquisitive within my career, which enables me to be continuously learning from new trends and programs. I contribute

back to MIAD part time teaching courses within Interior Architecture and Design on sustainability and computer programs.

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Nikki Ojer

My exploration of life started at an early age in a small town within the Hawkeye state, on the banks of the Mississippi River. My mom often called me a "dare devil" so my taste for adventure started early. After witnessing me flip off furniture at the age of four, she quickly enrolled me in gymnastics. I spent more time at the gym than at home, until an injury as a teenager took me in a different direction as a coach.

I learned determination and drive from the early days of gymnastics and found that with hard work and diligence, you can accomplish all of your goals. I have a need for speed and adventure such as rock climbing and snowboarding. Along with my sense for adventure I was also drawn to art and had an appreciation for architecture and design.

My family's love for the beach afforded me the opportunity for many trips to the sea and it was not unusual for me to spend hours building elaborate sand castles. I constructed masterpieces until the darkness and tide forced me to stop only to start again the next day.

Besides the beach, my travels have taken me to other parts of the world. They have allowed me to view the majestic churches of Italy and experience the new wave of successful Danish designers in Copenhagen. I'm enthralled by experiencing new cultures; it enlightens my sense of creativity within design.

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