Paul Mount

Paul Mount

  • Fiberglass Associate
  • I was born in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • We once rowed our boat across the lake with the anchors down. Our daughter finally filled us in our mistake.
  • Was a fisherman in Florida for a year.

I am a Fiberglass Associate at ISI. I have been with ISI since 2006 working in various departments. As a Fiberglass Associate my responsibilities are

to maintain equipment, spray molds, chop (which is to put the fiberglass into the mold), pulling molds, and finishing the product. As an employee for ISI,

Actions speak louder than words.

I bring hard work and am committed to high quality standards in my work. Personally I feel that ISI is a good place to work that

is filled with good people. Someday I would love to move up to work as a maintenance person.

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Paul Mount

My life outside of work is filled with family. I have two daughters, Cassidy and Madison, two sons Wyatt and Shane, and my fiancé of 11 years, Abby.

I enjoy activities like golfing (with or without swearing), fishing (also with or without swearing), acquiring music, and watching sports.

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