Purumi Park

Purumi Park

  • Interior Designer
  • I am a map enthusiast.
  • If I were a Tolkein dragon, I would hoard Internet Memes.
  • I have cycled from Oak Creek, WI to River Hills, WI!

In May 2015, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture & Design and minored in Communication Design at MIAD. For my undergraduate thesis, I explored ideas of urban agriculture and ways to engage the public on taking a more active role in our community. One great way to encourage and engage the public even further is to include a restaurant on the site of the urban farm. I believe that food is universally understood

and it would strengthen the community even more when knowing where the food comes from.

I am currently an Interior Designer for the Restaurant Studio. I think the best part about this role is seeing 2D drawings become a 4D experience. Seeing your projects getting built is one thing, but just thinking about the various memories and cultural exchanges happening through the spaces is probably the coolest thing ever.

"My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?" -David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

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Purumi Park

Outside of the work, I love to read (especially meta-fictional novels). I also enjoy religious studies and books about psychology. My latest obsession is publication design! I have a few zines that I'm working on the side. My dream is to publish at least one book in my life. I also enjoy discussing philosophical theories with peers and professors, collecting fashion magazines and drinking Americano at local cafes.

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