Reine Schneider

Reine Schneider

  • Steel Associate
  • Splashing in puddles is still fun to me.
  • I hate liver. I won't even clean dishes that it's touched.
  • Give me some loud country music and a broom, and my chores become my own personal concert that I put on for the kitchen chairs.

My work experience previous to working in the Steel Department at ISI includes working as a Drill Press Operator, and also some assembly line work. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity with ISI 14 years ago and was trained here on all I need to know.

I have some experience working with Upholstery as well but I mainly work in the Steel Shop with the punch, drill, robot and welding. I went to school to learn how to work and program our Genesis robot. Programming is actually really fun. I like the

Life is what you make it.

team work attitude in my shop and knowing that I can still do what I do. I like seeing the new custom stuff come in and being able to work on it. Plus, it's a workout every day!

About the only think I don't do in the shop is work on the saw, otherwise I am all over the place helping out where I can. Very seldom am I bored.

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Reine Schneider

I'm a wife, a mother to three, and a grandma to five. So that right there could pretty much sum up my life outside of work. In the winter I like to watch the Packers, and I'm a Nascar fan as well. I will always enjoy a trip to Vegas and all that comes along with the trip. Reading, picnicking, and country music are also some of my favorite things.

I love my flowers, and spending time outside in my garden. My husband and I love to get out and golf with each other and friends when the weather is nice. A few years ago, I took a class on staining glass and it quickly became a little side hobby of mine. It's an expensive hobby but it's so much fun. The finished products are absolutely gorgeous.

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