Richard Karst

Richard Karst

  • Upholstery Associate
  • Not a big fan of crowds.
  • Fall is my favorite season.
  • I like rock music.

I came to ISI pretty much right out of high school and stayed for the next 23 years. I've bounced around departments a bit which has given me a pretty wide skill set around the shop. I started out working in Field Service, where I would work doing repairs and also installs. From there, I

transitioned into working in the Shipping Department for a while, then back to Field Service, then eventually to Assembly and finally here in Upholstery. In the Upholstery Department I mainly work on the assembly of the products and do a lot of sewing as

Be true to your word and your work and your friends...
-John Boyle O'Reilly

well. My job responsibilities in my department vary day by day. Finishing up a job, crossing it off the board, and moving on to the next task is the best part of my job. Who doesn't like a sense of accomplishment?

It's nice to have that here on regular basis. It's definitely a fast paced and progressive environment to work in. There's never a dull moment, in fact there really hasn't been one in 23 years.

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Richard Karst

It seems like there isn't much time anymore between work and sleep for me, but when I do get a second to relax, I am usually helping out over at my mom or sisters house.

I'm into rock music. I find myself shopping around on eBay every once and a while, and I wish I had the time to travel more.

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