Robert Graf

Robert Graf

  • IT Manager
  • I've never met a bottle of Crown Royal that I didn't like.
  • Used to dream of playing centerfield for the Yankees.
  • You'd find 700 Bee Gee songs in my iTunes library.

I began my career with ISI back in March of 1983, fresh out of Madison Area Technical College with an Architectural Technology degree. How does someone with a drafting degree hold the position of IT Manager? You could say I work hard, or that I've been in the right place at the right time. But what it comes down to is that I work in a company with leadership that knows how to get the best out of their people.

My journey here began as an Architectural Draftsman; where I took on responsibilities for critical tasks such as, drafting,

running blueprints, making color boards, shipping and receiving, and watering plants.

In 1989, after years of drafting, my boss told me it was time to make the leap to CAD. I would be lying if I said I was excited about it because I thought I would lose my creative edge, but I took to it like Pete Townshend to a Hiwatt amp. Soon after that I was promoted to CAD Manager where my responsibilities also included maintenance and support of the computers.

Since we always want to be on the cutting edge of everything, the use of

Life is a journey, not a destination. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

technology skyrocketed at ISI. The year 1994 saw us bring in our first Windows network. I received my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer degree, and became the Network Manager. ISI is very big on continuing education, so with their support I received my bachelor's degree from Marian College in 2008. Since then I've been the IT Manager, where I oversee the technology department.

Along with working with my associate, my duties include administering a 200 seat Windows network, support of Microsoft Exchange, and continuing to transition the organization to a virtual environment. My 29 years here have been rewarding from a professional perspective, but it's the people that made the journey special.

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Robert Graf

Outside of the office my life pretty much revolves around my wife and son. I've been married to my beautiful wife Elaine for 17 years. Elaine is a Realtor in Fond du Lac, and we both do a lot of work to support the school our son attends. My son Logan is nine years old and is already into computers; he picked up our iPad almost faster than I did.

He participates in most sports, but can't make up his mind who he wants to be, Wayne Gretsky, Ryan Braun, or Clay Matthews. The three of us like going out to eat, taking vacations to water parks, and playing with our dog Otis. Other than my family, I enjoy music, golf, and working out at Club Olympia in Fond du Lac.

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