Robert Ogden

Robert Ogden

  • Decor Associate
  • My family and I have a huge DVD collection; it's above 500 flicks by now.
  • I've eaten Alligator before.
  • I love Chevys.

Simply put, I like the people I work with and I like the work I do at Interior Systems Inc. In 2011, I became a Décor Associate after a long career in Cabinetry. Years ago, I had aspirations of becoming a mechanic. I enjoyed and envisioned a career working on vehicles, but when I got a job working on Cabinetry, my career path changed.

I liked working at the Cabinet shop and I spent 18 years there before I subcontracted as a side business for commercial and residential work for a few years.

My journey led me to the Décor Department at Interior Systems, and I am very happy where I'm at. I build everything from soffits, to walls, to columns, to happy meal displays; just to name a few.

I like the assortment of tasks we're assigned. I would be miserable doing the same thing all day, but around here we don't sit and do the same thing hour after hour. It seems like there's no time to be bored, and there is never an ordinary project.

Live today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Just today. Inhabit your moments. Don't rent them out to tomorrow. Do you know what you're doing when you spend a moment wondering how things are going to turn out with Perry? You're cheating yourself out of today.

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Robert Ogden

My life outside of work revolves around spending time with my wife and kids. We're definitely an outdoors family and do a lot of things together. You can find us racing around on our four wheelers or snowmobiles depending on the season. We also love going out on our boat.

I'll take my boys to car shows or monster truck shows, and we also all like to camp and have family movie nights. My wife loves all the same things we do, and I love that we can all enjoy the same activities as a family.

A personal hobby of mine is working on trucks. That's trucks, not cars! I work on them from start to finish. I'll take a truck right down to its frame then build it all the way back up to the very end, paint and all. My wife contributes to this hobby too, and she will change the oil if she needs to. She's a born and bred farm girl and I'm a lucky guy.

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