Samuel Reynolds

Samuel Reynolds

  • Project Manager
  • I've played hockey since I was 6
  • I've been to 41 of 50 states
  • Die-hard Packer fan.

I graduated in 2012 from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, and attained a B.A. in Architectural Studies. During that same time period, I was given the opportunity to travel the continental 48 states, learning the skills and trades associated with retail installation. Soon after my travels, I was assigned to lead my own project installations. Eventually, I was asked to help modernize the installation tracking system

and was grounded as a project support manager. This was a key tool that helped develop me for the position I hold today. Since joining iSi in July, I've been primarily tasked with project management in our retail division. I'm especially excited for this opportunity to not only better my own project management skills, but also become more familiar with the client and directly service their needs to the best of my ability.

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been. - Wayne Gretzky

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Samuel Reynolds

I grew up in the small farm town of Shawano, WI. Because I never lived or worked on a farm, I had plenty of opportunities to explore new activities. I started playing hockey at the age of 6 and have played for a total of 14 years since then. Other than a few snowboarding trips to Michigan or Colorado, hockey has been my main pastime in the winter. In the summer, I will spend most of my weekends on a boat wakeboarding or jet skiing. There is a great restaurant in Shawano called Luigi's that I try to visit as much as possible, as well. As I was traveling for a previous employer, I have discovered my favorite city to be Las Vegas, NV. I have been visiting the city annually for the past few years. I hope to be able to stay at every major hotel on the strip. To me, Las Vegas is much more about the overwhelming amount of entertainment than the gambling opportunities. Although, I can't promise I won't place a bet on the Packers winning the Super bowl!

I learned how to cook in High school while I was working at a restaurant. At home I like to experiment with cooking new things and can often be found tossing around some pizza dough. I don't believe in recipes or 'cook times' as I have always made up meals as I go, and cooked them 'until it's done'. I enjoy the frustration my friend or a family member expresses when they ask me how to cook meals I have prepared in the past.

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