Scott Alderden

Scott Alderden

  • Production CAD Associate
  • My grandfather and father's nick name was Jiggs. Naturally, people from my hometown nicknamed me Jiggs Jr.
  • I was a drummer in a band in college.
  • Rush is my favorite artist.

Right out of college I managed a golf course for a few years before I entered into the world of carpentry. For the next 17 years, I had a career as a Carpenter, and worked on a variety of exciting and challenging projects. My dad was an Industrial Arts Teacher for 30 years, and my mother was a Home Economics Teacher.

I was exposed very early, and continuously, to craftsmanship, artistry and hard work. With this ingrained work ethic and professional experience, I came to ISI May 2nd 2010, eager to learn something new. I try to explain my job in the CNC department to people who ask, like this; I make little parts out of big parts. I don't do too much

Life is tough, get a helmet.

programming, but I am trained to run the router and am responsible for running the CNC machine. My job constantly changes. One day you're cutting out trash units, the next day you're cutting out tables, sometimes you're scoring laminate. The material you use is never the same, so there's always a challenge

and you're definitely never bored. The loyalty and spirit of the guys that have been here for 20 years+ says everything about this company. The people who come here to work do it because they believe in hard work, and the company culture of ISI. I know I do.

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Scott Alderden

My wife and I, who I've been happily, married to since 1994, own a home on Fox Lake and have two wonderful kids. As a family, we love to travel throughout Wisconsin and the US. We camp on the weekends in the summer and also have a timeshare in Orlando, Florida.

I've loved to golf most of my life, and I'm a true-bred hunter. My passion is bow hunting and I look forward to the season every year.

Living on Fox Lake, I try to take advantage of all that 'lake life' has to offer. Boating, relaxing, fishing, and ice fishing are all activities I am blessed to be able to enjoy right in my back yard.

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