Shane Conner

Shane Conner

  • Project Manager
  • Never drank coffee before this job.
  • Anything I own is named in some variation of "Captain".
  • Avid dog lover.

I began my career at ISI in 2012 as a Customer Service Representative after completing a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. ISI fosters an office environment that cultivates growth and development that gave me the ability to work alongside a range of disciplines. Encouraged to explore various disciplines throughout the business,

I began to uncover my interest and aptitude for business operations and data analytics.

My newfound passion led me to my current role as a Project Manager in ISI's retail division. As a Project Manager, I coordinate across departments to ensure timely and satisfactory delivery of the various projects and programs our clients are

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. -Salvador Dali

running. Each project presents a unique scope of work that includes elements of design, manufacturing and installation with new opportunities to problem solve. Above all, my approach to Project Management is to minimize noise and simplify complex situations. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role is

retrieving, structuring and leveraging data to improve efficiency, communicate timelines, and provide objective insights that better inform strategic decisions.

I'm constantly searching for creative and innovative ways to problem solve. Currently, I'm working on completing my Masters of Information and Data Science (MIDS) from University of California, Berkeley and eager to apply the technical and professional skills to the work we do here at ISI.

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Shane Conner

I am a Wisconsin native, born and raised in Racine. I came to Milwaukee for my undergrad in architecture in 2008 and have called here home ever since.

As an architecture major, I have a passion for the design field--whether it be graphic, industrial or interior--that landed me at ISI. My role as a project manager at ISI has led me to finding ways to crunch numbers in my spare time through investing and statistics. Beyond my interest for design and numbers, I am a movie and music aficionado.

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