Steve Lefeber

Steve Lefeber

  • Cabinetry Associate
  • One of my beagles is named after a Travis Tritt song. His dog tag reads, 'T-R-O-U-B-L-E.'
  • I enjoy bow hunting.
  • Wish I could have a door from my backyard that opened up to the fields of Wyoming; I love to hunt there.

You could say my career started when I was a teenager because I have truly been working since I pretty much was able to. At 15 years old, I started working on a farm where I did the washing and maintenance of the trucks, bailed hay, and did other various chores around the farm. I would work seven days a week, Christmas, holidays, everything. I would start when the hay was dry and work until it was dark.

My work ethic was learned at a very young age, it was self developed and always enforced.

I worked hard, knew what I needed to get done, and would follow through. It's a simple concept but the work was hard and the days were long. Still, I worked there until I graduated from the local Tech school for Auto body and right from there I had a short job at a Broom factory that was in Campbellsport.

At 19, I worked as a machinist at a company that built parts for high performance boats. I eventually worked as a lead man and I began to work as an assembly tech where I assembled

Make it right. -Mike Holmes

components for off shore racing boats in Florida. I worked on the high performance parts and some of the engine components. I got to work on some pretty big speed and racing boats which was really cool, and I enjoyed my experience there.

I decided I needed a change, so on March 26th 1984, I started with Interior Systems Inc. I began in Cabinetry but I also worked in several other departments helping out. My work background, training and education over the course

of my career have contributed in one way or another to my position here. Sometimes I don't even notice it, but knowing what different materials work with, what works best, and sometimes even good alternatives to use just come second nature to me at this point.

I've enjoyed 28 years of having the ability to be creative in different situations, being able to build things different than any other company and always waiting to see what comes my way next.

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Steve Lefeber

I've spent all my life in the Campbellsport area. I bought a piece of property when I started here and eventually built my home right outside of where I grew up. My experience assembling and building products over the course of my career inspired my decision to be my own contractor on the building of my home. It was quite an accomplishment and something I'm very proud of.

I enjoy all kinds of hunting, and love traveling to bow hunt. Wyoming is one of my favorite places to hunt, and I look forward to going back. Being a hunter, I obviously have beagles, seven to be exact. The oldest is 14 years old; I call him Pork Chop Chewy. They all have full names, and I can tell them all apart by their bark. They like car rides with the windows down and the music up.

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