Tim Marose

Tim Marose

  • Project Manager
  • Can't get enough of the Discovery Channel.
  • I love full moons.
  • Neat freak.

As Project Manager at ISI, I am involved in all aspects of each job. From intake, I see the project through CAD and design and prepare contracts for our Account Executive. Once the contract has been signed and the customer has committed to ISI, I work the process through finalization. It is my job to make sure that any changes or ideas the customer may have are applied to the final plans.

From here the Project Manager is responsible for getting the project started in production, and communicating closely with the General Contractor on site. I also coordinated Shipping the Décor package on location where I then follow through with our install teams. Although my involvement doesn't necessarily involve direct contact with the client, it is very important to me

Be true to your work, your word, and your friend.
-Henry David Thoreau

that our customers are 100% satisfied. I started my career with ISI in 2005 as the Steel Department Supervisor, where I took each job that entered production and distributed that work on the shop floor. It was my responsibility to assure that quality was achieved during the fabrication and painting phase. After five years as the Steel Shop

Supervisor, I was given the great opportunity to try on my Project Manager shoes. I have learned a lot since becoming an employee here at ISI, and it has been a pleasure and a privilege working with everyone here. It is nice to pursue your livelihood at a place that is willing to give you a chance to be creative and to grow.

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Tim Marose

I love sports, playing or watching, it doesn't matter. Although it may not be considered a hobby, I sure do dedicate a lot of time to it. In the autumn and winter I like to deer hunt, ice fish and snowboard all over the country with my family and close friends. In summer, I find golfing and driving my motorcycles is a great way to pass time and relieve stress (I have an understanding wife). I find it rewarding and relaxing to work around the house, whether it is mowing the lawn, gardening or your basic little home improvement projects.

I have a pretty eclectic taste in music and film. I like all kinds of music, from classical to rock, and when it comes to movies, nothing beats "Caddy Shack". My all time favorite hobby is the time I spend with my wife, Tiffany, our son, Jarrod, and our golden retriever, Hunter.

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