Tim Turton

Tim Turton

  • Receptionist
  • I story-boarded a short film that won an Oscar.
  • I've had drinks with Stephen Hawking.
  • Strawberries, cherries and peaches all want me dead.

I'm thrilled to be the first point of contact for clients at Interior Systems, as well as supporting our incredible creative team here in Wisconsin. I'll direct your calls, answer your questions and try to look after you the best I can!

Before immigrating to America from England in 2006, I balanced a career as a recording artist (or rock star) with freelance work in graphic design and marketing. Since moving to Milwaukee to marry my wonderful wife Kelly, I've been working in commercial

audio, video, and media post-production. Chances are you've heard my music on PBS TV shows or on national commercials for Harley Davidson, Mercury Marine and Boss Snowplow.

I originally trained as a painter and illustrator at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge - but am happiest when juggling artistic disciplines.

The high point of my career was hearing legendary BBC DJ John Peel play my band's song on the radio, and saying "......they probably are the best band in the world".

"I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own tastes." - Marcel Duchamp

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Tim Turton

I grew up in Cambridge, England - but after enduring ten winters in Milwaukee, and finally understanding American Football, I now consider myself a true Wisconsinite and Packer fan. My wife Kelly and I live on Milwaukee's East Side where we enjoy the city's beautiful Art Museum as well as its (surprisingly) awesome beaches. We're also big fans of the nearby Milwaukee Ballet and enjoy hanging out with our great friends in the company.

After moving to America I was very fortunate to get an internship as an audio engineer at 5th Floor Recording Co. in Milwaukee's Third Ward. Owner Ray Fister taught me the ins-and-outs of commercial audio production and I got to work with some the best professional voice talent in the country. I soon took on the task of composing, performing and producing custom music for TV and radio clients - this became my full-time occupation for almost nine years.

Having recently retired from making music professionally, my musical endeavors are now solely for pleasure. I love nothing more than playing ukuleles and harmonizing in the bluegrass trio I formed with Kelly and our friend Erika. I can highly recommend cycling around Sonoma wineries, tasting the wine and singing between the vines!

I was very fortunate to grow up in the household of the Rothschild family, for whom my parents worked. The son of professional chefs and bakers, I have had a life-long passion for cuisine and love to cook, but love being cooked-for even more!

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