Tom Rucks

Tom Rucks

  • Retail Associate
  • I've read the Lord of the Rings trilogy at least 10 times.
  • Have heard enough One Direction to last me a lifetime. (I have teenage daughters.)
  • I love 'pontooning'...they don't call it a party boat for nothing.

In 1984 I started in the Cabinetry Department with Wally, and spent 10 years there. I eventually moved to the Décor Department for about eight years before leaving ISI. I could only stay away for about 8 months before returning here to work in Retail. I'm now back with

the Cabinetry team, so I can say my journey has literally taken me full circle. I like the people I get to work with here, that's what brought me back and has kept me around for 28 years, I work with a bunch of just really good people. I oversee putting all of the trash units

I love fishing. You put that line in the water and you don't know what's on the other end. Your imagination is under there.
-Robert Altman

together and correspond with Wally to complete the day to day tasks. Things around here, and definitely in our industry, are constantly changing. 28 years ago, we were doing everything by hand, using saws and jigs. It's like you can never get too

comfortable with technology or blueprints and drawings, because in a flash they are different. One could say it's stressful, but I think it keeps things fresh and interesting; there is really never a dull moment.

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Tom Rucks

I've been in Fond du Lac all my life, and it's fun to still be able to see the majority of my friends in the area. Besides being a proud parent and loving husband, I have a great time being a part-time track coach. I coach the middle school track team at St. Mary Springs, and the kids are so much fun to work with.

Golfing is also a favorite pastime of mine. There's not many other places I'd rather be than in a boat on the water or on the course on a perfect day. My family and I love to travel up to our family cottage in Wautoma, Wisconsin. Up there we like to boat, bonfire, and of course fish when I can.

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