Tony Lutz

Tony Lutz

  • President and CEO

Over the past 20 years, I have been both humbled and proud to see ISI emerge as a worldwide leader in interior seating and décor due to the creative, bright, and ambitious people we employ. Our companys' ability to deliver exceptional interior design, conception, branding, product manufacturing and product installation is inspiring. Some of the most influential and greatest brands and

school systems in the world, including McDonald's, Harley Davidson, Regal Cinemas, Disney, Yum Brands, Hilton, and more, are using ISI to find answers to some of their toughest branding and interior design challenges. We see tremendous, long-term growth potential in all three areas of our business and I look forward to taking our company, and the brands we partner with to the next level. "As

Good is the enemy of great.
- Jim Collins

customers look to update their brands to accommodate consumer lifestyles, and as the need for global expansion increases; more and more restaurant, retail and education systems are requiring the branding, creativity, leadership, scale, and affordability that ISI delivers."

In the years to come, design trends will continue

to change at a lightning pace. What we excel at is taking the best of those trends, slowing them down, and turning them into relevant design experiences that consumers love and will remember. We excel at those tasks all the while reducing costs, finding sustainable and innovative materials, and delivering on a local, national, and global level.

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