Ty Kloetzke

Ty Kloetzke

  • Steel Associate
  • Would love to travel to Alaska to do some halibut fishing someday.
  • I've eaten pigs feet before, and liked it.
  • I love lake days.

Right out of school I started working for Brenner Tank Inc. For six months I worked there, putting parts away until I requested a welding position and was successful. I became

certified in stainless, aluminum, and mild steel welding. I was there from 1989-1999. In 1999 my brother started a job at ISI in the steel shop (they had just started it up). My brother called and

Life is like fishing, you take one cast at a time. -Babe Winkelman

asked me if I wanted to come and work there and told me that it was a great place to work, so I jumped aboard. It has been 13 years now. In that time

I have learned to do everything in the shop. I am very knowledgeable in other departments. I became the go to guy and really enjoy it.

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Ty Kloetzke

I've been in Fond du Lac a long time. I grew up here; I like the area a lot. Outside of work I enjoy wood working, hunting, fishing, and camping. I'm always doing something. I'm the kind of guy who would rather make something then go out and buy it.

The simple things in life mean the most to me like cookouts and spending Sundays with my family. Life in the fast lane is not my scene, seeing a moose cross the road is more my style.

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