Project: Memphis, TN

Tim and Mary were excited that ISI created a creative space that pulls customers through the entire store, uses signage and fixtures to clearly communicate merchandise areas, and creates the flavor for which they were hoping.

The result of the Bumpus Harley-Davidson construction is impressive. Old customers feel like they're home, and new customers are stopping in to see the new store - instantly the Harley spirit is sparked.

To use the Harley guidelines for the space and the brand, while creating a unique Memphis feel that would reach the heart and soul of every Harley rider that walked through the door - old customers and new customers alike.

Typically, Harley-Davidson riders are Harley through and through. They all have one thing in common - their love for Harley motorcycles and their love for the Harley brand. When dealers build a new dealership or re-model a dealership, they want it to be an effective space, while conveying the Harley lifestyle with their own personal or local twist.

Mary and Tim Bumpus, owners of Bumpus Harley-Davidson, needed a larger space to grow their dealership. They challenged ISI to create a space that would accommodate more business and attract new customers. However, they wanted their very loyal current customers to still have that "at home" feeling in the dealership.

After consulting with the owners, ISI's talented designers blended Harley-Davidson's brand image with Tim and Mary's unique needs and vision.

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